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Ring Of Power

This is a commercially available device that has been around for several decades. There is a lot of similarity between the ROP and the Blakoe Ring. The benefits over the Blakoe Ring is that the ROP is a lot cheaper to get your hands on one and the ROP can be easily resized/adjusted for the users maximum comfort. The Ring is worn on the groin, close to the body and is unnoticeable.

The ROP is a simple device. It is physically comprised of

  • zinc (higher quality the better)
  • copper rod
  • polycarbonate tubing

The main problem being zinc material is extremely hard to find. And getting the materials to produce a steady voltage and reaction. The Copper and Zinc, both need to be the same dimensions and of food grade quality.

Why use Zinc and Copper?

Zinc is at -0,763 Volt, copper at +0,521 Volt. The difference between this two values is the theoretical voltage of this galvanic element using this two metals (1,284 Volt); in the case of the Ball Zinger, the values are lower, because the skin moisture is a poor acid compared to a real acid. Our Ring produces 1.25 volts of measurable voltage. You can actually measure it with a multimeter while wearing it!

Electricity to my groin?

Never fear, you do not feel it. It is such a small volt that there is no constant sensation to you, although some have reported being able to feel something slight when carrying a full bladder or if the area is moister than usual (eg after a shower). There have been no reports of people being shocked or being put in any pain. Generally 99% of the time you feel absolutely nothing.

Male Extra Reviews (1)

Male Extra Reviews by: Mark

I’ve been using a Blakoe/Ball Zinger device for quite a while, and can testify to the fact that they really do work.

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