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Penis Enlargement Exercises

Natural penis enlargement exercises are an effective way of enlarging your penis, with as little as 7 minutes spent per day. You can immediately see the effects of penis exercises as your penis will start to hang lower whilst flaccid and appear thicker within the first week.

You can get access straight away to the penis exercise membership areas so you can start on enlarging your penis straight away. Read more below to find out how.

Benefits of Penis Exercises

  • Increase length of penis up to 3 inches
  • Increase length of penis up to 1 1/2 inches
  • Stronger erections – a strong steal erection shows the sign that your are sexually prime
  • Healthier looking penis – if you have a good penis, you will also feel good about your health
  • Prevent premature ejaculation – prevent your self from cumming too quickly
  • Increase sexual stamina – keep having sex as long as you want

How Penis Exercises Work

When you perform penis enlargement exercises what you are really doing is stretching the penis shaft to increase cellular growth. There are specific exercises that you need to perform to increase the penis shaft erect length and erect girth, whilst another is used to increase the penis head to give it a nice mushroom shape. Intermediate and advanced stretching exercises can give you the best gains if you use them properly in a routine.

Penis Shaft

Free Penis Exercise Videos

The free basic penis enlargement videos below demonstrate how to measure your penis correctly, prepare your penis for exercising, and introduce you to one of the beginners penile enlargement techniques called jelqing.

Once you have tried out these free penis exercises, you can speed up the penis enlargement by learning and performing beginner, intermediate and advanced penis exercises at Penis Health and have a penis workout routine tailored for you.

A penis enlargement routine can help your penis gain inches much quicker if you follow the routine perform exercises correctly.

Penis Enlargement Exercises (7)

Penis Enlargement Exercises by: Thomas

hello guys just wantto let you know that i have been trying this for a whole year and my penus gained 3.5 inches with better exercises. It might not be much for doing it that long but it worked ;O thanks


Penis Enlargement Exercises by: Someone

well am 31yrs guy who married for two yrs now and and i used to have 5.5 inches erection in length and 3.5 inches in girth but when i start searching for pills and other things to get my self bigger i later got this exercises thing and yes i read and over read it to understand it well and when i start doing it i have gain half an inch of length and i have gain one inches of the girth so to be honest with you guys its that the exercises thing is really working and i have just done it for a month and not even everyday because i always use to tired from work , so its working , i was facing allot because i think i have pasted my comment here and but i don’t know where its and i have not goting answer to how to straight my bent down-words please i need ur help.


Penis Enlargement Exercises by: Martyn

Ive just started these exercises and love them, i have noticed that you get immediate gain for an hour or so in flaccid length, and girth. however my penis looks slightly swollen too, i do keegle everyday but jelq, then jelq and hold and combine with the streches too. I feel bad admitting this but im 8.5inches and want to be 9-10 but i have an average girth of 5-5.5 inches so would like to gain there more, the keegle exercises do give immediate results tho which is good as i have had longer lasting and stronger erections thanx for providing such a good website.


Penis Enlargement Exercises by: Swag

I have been constantly up and looking at this site. i would jelq once and a while and would expect crazy gains. Its not going to happen like that. You must stay commited. Starting today i am going to commit to it. It is 2/26/10. i will keep posting everytime i notice a difference.


Penis Enlargement Exercises by: Vince

i tried these exercises once a while bk (not for to long tho) i did not notice any increases but i had much harder and better looking erections, and i was not on a very routine schedule and it lasted for only a couple months (me doing the exercises that is). so for ppl who want to kno if it works my opinion is yes, if it can make my dick harder and look better with barely any effort i can almost guarantee a set weekly schedule will do the trick. im currently 6.2×4.8 in. and my goal is anything 7×5 or over. im gonna start up again and i will post later to let u kno my results. wish me luck lol.

oh yea i was wondering how to go about stopping the exercises and keeping the gain once my goal is obtained? plz respond with a solution bc i dont want to do all this work just to stop and have it be gone within a month or two?


Penis Enlargement Exercises by: Amar

Hi guys n gals, please help me. Im 20 yrs old. I have a 5.9 inch very hard dick in erect position. I do masturbate daily.But the problm is that ma dick is bent downwards. It doesnt stand straight. I want to make it straight and little more longer. Im woried whether i may face any problm in future.. Please get me a solution.


Penis Enlargement Exercises by: Borano

hi all

ive been jelqing for 9 months now and really gained much but there is 1 problem.i know im doing it right but after im done or even during the jelq, i loose the sensitivity of the penis and dont get that nice sensation while doing it.i dont apply too much pressure either.someone tel me why coz on other times when i jelqed i got no problem and didnt lost sensitivity at all.