Foreskin Restoration

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Males are circumcised for many different reasons, be it cultural, hygienic, or simply unwanted skin. The male foreskin is a very sensitive and large piece of skin, and those who have not been circumcised are able to experience much higher sensitive when having intercourse and so on.

However, there is hope for those of you who wish to reverse the procedure of circumcision, and it can if you wish to restore your foreskin, you too can feel the increased sensitive that you have been missing out on. To remedy a lack of foreskin, you don’t need a foreskin restoration product, foreskin restoration device, or foreskin restoration surgery, but instead we recommend an exercise known as the ‘foreskin restorer’, which is outlined below.

Exercise Steps

  1. Massage your penis to a semi-erection (60-70%)
  2. Form a tight grasp, using your thumb and index finger around the base of the penis
  3. Without causing any major discomfort, proceed by pulling back firmly, towards your body, upon any loose skin around your penis
  4. Once you have a firm, yet comfortable grasp hold your position for a total of 10 seconds
  5. Push your thumb and index finger down the shaft of the penis and over the head
  6. Repeat until you finish your routine

It’s important to keep in mind that the foreskin restorer will take some time to produce any notable gains, however when it is complete the greater sensitivity within your penis may well cause you to curse the day you had been circumcised.

Foreskin Restoration Video

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