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Horizontal Movement

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Horizontal Movement is an enlargement exercise designed to increase girth and ejaculation control.

Exercise Steps

Steps Instructions
1. Massage your penis to a semi-erection (30-40%)
2. Apply some lubricant to your hands and penis
3. With the thumb and forefinger, make an “Okay” sign around the base of your penis and grip it firmly
4. After 10 seconds, take your free hand and simultaneously form a ring shape and grasp the head of your penis
5. Once you have both hands in position, slowly milk downwards along the penis, whilst maintaining the pressure at the base
6. Upon reaching the base of your penis, stroke upwards until your hands are in their initial starting positions (this movement usually takes about 2-3 seconds)
7. Repeat steps 3 and 5 until you have finished your routine. Apply more lubricant to the hands if needed

You should be able to feel the blood situated within the spongy tissue of your penis, as it is slowly pushed towards the head.