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Jelq and Hold

The jelq & hold exercise is just a variation from the jelq exercise that you have previously performed.

Pre-warm up the exercise

Massage your penis to erect state and flex your PC muscle. Pump your PC 20 times to fully expand your penis as much as possible. Squeeze your PC as hard as you can and hold until your erection starts to fall. Apply a teaspoon full of lubricant to your penis. Form an “OK” symbol with your thumb and forefinger, continue this performing approximately 20 repetitions of the standard jelq exercise, before preparing yourself for the jelq and hold.

Jelq & hold exercise steps

Steps Instructions (Watch Video Below)
1. Massage your penis to a semi-erection (30-40%)
2. Apply some lubricant to your hands and penis
3. Grip on your penis and pull downwards (towards the head of your penis) a little harder than usual. If you are doing it firmly enough your hand should stop automatically when it reaches the head of your penis
4. Hold your position at the head of your penis for approximately 15 seconds, whilst slowly milking upwards with your opposite hand to the head of the penis
5. Hold this position for 15 seconds
6. Upon reaching the base of your penis, stroke upwards until your hands are in their initial starting positions (this movement usually takes about 2-3 seconds)
7. Repeat steps 3 and 5 until you have finished your routine. Apply more lubricant to the hands if needed

Once you have completed the jelq & hold, your penis should look quiet exhausted and have a pumped up look to it. To warm down from this exercise, pump your PC muscle several times, whilst slowly massaging your penis to gain an erection. Once you have reached the point of near ejaculation (point of no return), flex your PC muscle as hard as possible, to prevent ejaculation. Once the urge to ejaculate has passed, repeat the procedure 4 times in order to maximize the results of this exercise.

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