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Needling is an enlargement exercise which should be performed after you have completed and cooled down from your main exercises for the day. Despite this though, we do recommend that liberal amounts of lubrication is applied to the skin and the head of your penis before starting. Sit down in a relaxed position and place your left hand around the base of your flaccid penis and masturbate until your penis is in an erect state. NOTE: This exercise should not be used to replace any part of your workout, but used in conjunction with it.

Exercise Steps

  1. Place your left hand at the base of your penis and slowly make a firm grip
  2. Place your opposite hand just under the glands
  3. Slowly move your left hand up towards your right (do not let go whilst performing this process)
  4. Slowly move your left hand back down to the base
  5. Repeat this action between 10-20 times per workout

Watch the needling video

[flashvideo filename="../../videos/needling.flv" /]

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