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Wet Jelq Exercise Video

Wet jelqing is one of the main penis enlargement exercises that has been proven to work with effective results. The jelqing exercise is performed to lengthen and thicken your penis.

Its possible to achieve gains from the jelqing exercise alone, however it is usually included within a penis enlargement routine to give the best results possible. The jelq technique works by pushing an increased amount of blood from the penis shaft into the penis head (Corpora Cavernosa). By repeatedly jelqing, the blood cells in the penis will break down and multiply, inturn creating a longer and thicker penis.

After performing the jelqing exercise for a few days the cells in the penis will grow to allow more blood to fill the area, allowing the penis to thicken as a result. This is has the same principles as a regular gym workout, the cells will continue to get larger and stronger, healing at night while you sleep. This is what makes the jelq exercise such a powerful but simple penis enlargement exercise giving you, length, some girth and a rod of steel!

Jelqing Exercise Steps

Steps Instructions (Watch Video Below)
1. Massage your penis to a semi-erection (30-40%).
2. Apply some lubricant to your hands and penis.
3. With the thumb and forefinger, make an “Okay” sign around the base of your penis and grip it firmly.
4. Now start a milking motion by pushing your fingers down the shaft of the penis until you reach the end . Make sure you do not milk the head of the penis.
5. When the milking hand reaches the head, form an “Okay” sign with your free hand and start milking as you did previously with the other hand. Again, make sure you do not milk the head of the penis.
6. You should be able to use both hands to create a continuous milking action, alternating between hands.
7. Repeat steps 3 and 5 until you have finished your routine. Apply more lubricant to the hands if needed.

The average jelqing exercise routine should be around 20 to 30 minutes and should include 100 to 200 jelq’s.

Want to learn more jelqing exercises?

By learning more penis exercises and the advanced jelq techniques (available with Penis Health) you will be able to speed up your gains so you can increase your penis size quicker. Penis exercises are the most cost effective way to enlarge your penis if you can spare 7 minutes of your day to perform the exercises.

To do this correctly you need to use a proper penis enlargement routine. Read below the video to find out more.