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Euro Extender

The Euro Extender one of the most recent penis enlargers on the market. It uses the comfort strap technology devised by X4 Labs. It is based off the X4 Labs Extender, however you receive a different selection of bonuses with the device.

Euro Extender Bonuses

Euro Extender are giving away some additional bonuses with the enlarger. These include:

  • Additional Comfort Straps
  • PenisAccess
  • Comfort Foam
  • Sinrex

So the Euro Extender is the same X4 Extender?

Yes. We recommend that you actually buy the X4 Extender rather than the Euro Extender simply because they can offer you a better price and accessories for the same amount of money. The X4 Extender is the 2nd most popular penis enlarger on MalesVue rated by our customers. Compare the best penis enlargers below.