FastSize Erectile Quality Monitor

The FastSize Erectile Quality Monitor (EQM) is a hand-held device that enables self-testing of penile rigidity, without the assistance of a medical operator, by detecting what has been defined as the most indicative parameter of erectile quality: axial rigidity in grams. The FastSize EQM has the ability to determined whether or not you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

How can I improve my erection quality?

There are two methods available; The FastSize Extender is a traction device that is clinically proven to improve erectile quality and increase your penis size at the same time. The FastSize Extender was initally used as an aid to phalloplasty (penile surgery) but after additional research, the results showed that the penis extender had additional benefits. An alternative is to perform manual penis enlargement exercises. These exercises help to promote blood flow around the penis and also have potential to increase penis size.

What is the FastSize Erectile Quality Monitor useful for?

  • Sexual health awareness: If you are a healthy man who is concerned about maintaining optimum sexual health and wish to monitor erectile quality quantitatively in order to take action if significant decreases are detected.
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment monitoring: If you are taking erectile dysfunction medications, to monitor objective increases in penile hardness.
  • Prevention and early detection: Penile hardness is the barometer of health.
  • The FastSize EQM can be used to monitor hardness regularly throughout time, in order to detect fluctuations in erectile quality that might be indicative of other underlying diseases: circulatory issues, hypertension or diabetes.
  • If you have a penile implant, the FastSize EQM can help you to monitor the continued efficacy of prosthesis (detecting leakages in hydraulic implants).

You will be provided with an Erectile Quality Monitoring chart in which you will be able to note down your EQM axial rigidity results in grams in order to have an overall report of the evolution of your erectile quality. It is very useful to record your progress from the start so you can see how long it has taken you to get to your goal (You can also download the chart from this website).

FastSize Erectile Quality Monitor

FastSize Medical – The medical division of FastSize

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Erectile Quality Monitor FAQ

Q. What is axial rigidity?

A. Axial rigidity is needed for penetration. It is the amount of torque that can be placed on the penis before it bends.

Q. What scientific evidence is there to support the FastSize EQM concept?

A. There have been many studies carried out supporting the EQM concept. Dr Steven Lamm, the leading and most-respected doctor on this subject, has carried out many studies and suggested in No 1 Bestseller The Hardness Factor a 6-week plan using the FastSize EQM that will dramatically improve your penile quality.

Q. Is the FastSize EQM device user-friendly? Do I need training to use it?

A. The device is very user-friendly and no training is necessary – however, you must follow the guidelines in order to get reliable results.

Q. How do I use the FastSize EQM?

A. Switch on the FastSize EQM and when your penis is erect, press the sensor against the tip of your penis, the glans, during 5 seconds. Press the unit’s sensor firmly against the penis until it buckles, (if there is no buckling the sensor will record full rigidity value). Remember; you must not hold your penis with your spare hand, simply hold the unit and press it against the glans. You will see the test results on the screen, which can be used too determine the quality of the erection.

FastSize Extender Website

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FastSize Erectile Quality Monitor by: Ryan February 17th, 2012
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Bought mine in the first few days of it coming on the market and I’m using it on a weekly basis now. Its definitely a good indicator of penis health and its very motivational because I want to be in the 2000+ grams. Every guy should own one of these! A+++++

FastSize Erectile Quality Monitor by: Alan January 2nd, 2012
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I never thought you could actually measure how strong your erection is. I suffer with high blood pressure so I’m constantly keeping an eye and measurements of my blood. I have noticed that the fastsize eqm does somewhat correlate with the results from the blood pressure monitor. Friendly service from the fastsize guys and an excellent product; Alan

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