How to wear FastSize

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First I’d recommend you stretch your penis out and give it a good shake to loosen it all off (or you can do the warmup routine)

Step 1

Stuff you’ll need:

  1. FastSize Extender (Basic Package)
  2. Extra foam padding
  3. Johnsons baby wipe (cut to size)

Place the items infront of you as shown below (figure 1.1)

FastSize 1

Step 2

Insert your penis through the base ring of the device (figure 2.1)FastSize 2

Now take the baby wipe and wrap it round the glands of your penis (figure 2.2). This helps to keep the glands moist and ability to stretch for longer periods of time.

FastSize 3

Wrap the foam padding over the baby wipe to help keep the wipe in place and helps to keep the penis head a good mushroom size (figure 2.3)

FastSize 4

Step 3

Compress the springs on the edge of your bed, desk or anywhere with an angled surface (I’ve found this to be the easiest way). Keep hold of the foam padding with one hand and pull it through the loop as shown below (figure 3.1).

FastSize 5

With the other hand, tighten the straps on the underside tightly (you may need to use a sock or piece of material from the baby wipe lubricant.

FastSize 6

Step 4

Get an elastic band and wrap it round the underside of the device base and around the foam padding as shown below (figure 4.1)

FastSize 7

Happy stretching folks!

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