Because the vue of your penis matters

Penis Traction Devices

A penis traction device sounds like a torture device, however it is infact a penis enlargement device that is easy to use and most importantly, safe!

The traction device over the years has aquired many different names, including: penis extender, penis device, penis enlarger and traction extender. They are however all of the same thing.

How traction works

The penis traction devices stretch the penis to expand the cell tissue causing it to break, multiply and repair itself all with out you even feeling it. The constant traction also helps the penis to straighten out any unwanted curvature (Peyronie’s Disease) so that is another added benefit of the device.

Traction Studies

Studies of traction and visual proof have proven that traction does actually work. The Paduang Tribe have used traction devices (mainly rings) over the centuries to stretch their necks. Studies of using traction on the penis have shown increases of 1-3 inches growth in just 6 months! Below are 4 of the best penis extenders which offer such gains. All come with instructional useage and a beginners guide to penis enlargement. Some bonuses are available with some of the manufacturers.