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Penis pills have been a popular method of penis enlargement over the years. There are many of companies selling penis enlargement pills that claim to have a ‘new miricle pill’ or a ‘get a big penis quick’ scheme however those companies should be appraoched with caution.

We have however selected the top 4 penis enlargement pills and reviewed them ourselves.

Our readers who have already bought penis pills have left customer reviews and ratings for customer support, value for money, and overall happiness with the product. If you want to look at these reviews, click the blue “Reviews” button.

#1 – Male Extra

Male Extra Pills Reviews
Effectiveness 4.5
Value 4
Speed 4

#2 – VixRX Plus

VigRX Reviews
Effectiveness 3
Value 3.5
Speed 3.5

#3 – ProSolution Pills

ProSolution Pill Reviews
Effectiveness 3.5
Value 3
Speed 3.5

#4 – Size Pro

Size Pro Reviews
Effectiveness 2
Value 2
Speed 2

Comparing Penis Pills Conclusion

We consider these best 4 penis pill companies to be the safest and most reliable penis enlargement. These pills have been selected because they use high quality ingredients to ensure safety is number one priority along with proven results.

MalesVue readers are the clients who have had first hand experience with the various penis pills and their ratings have decided that Male Extra Pills are the #1 penis enlargement pill.

Our Readers #1 Rated Penis Enlargement Pills:
Best Male Extra Pills

Male Extra is a new penis pill that recently came onto the market. It has received great publicity and is possibly going to take the male pill enhancement industy to a new level in 2010. If you have tried Male Extra pills please your review.

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