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Sexual Health

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We all endeavour to have a bigger penis, however we also need to consider sexual health aspects of our lives. Sexual health is an important part of any male’s life, it seems to determine how ‘manly’ they are. We are building up products that we have found to be successful for increasing sexual health.

Fordyce’s Spots (Sebaceous Prominence)

Fordyce’s Spots are small white spots that are found in both males and females. These small white spots are commonly mistaken as a sexually transmitted disease. Fordyce spots are found on the lips and genitalia. They are caused by sebaceous hyperplasia, a kind of overgrowth of the lubricating glands, which keep the skin from drying out and cracking. These spots are harmless, however they do look unsightly. CU-Skin have developed a treatment that removes the excess amount of Sebum which combats the problem.