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VigRX pills are a non-prescription natural penis enlargement formula that is taken orally. VigRX is made from 100% natural ingredients and is designed to improve a mens sexual health, penis enhancement and performance.

VigRX Plus Box VigRX Plus is an improved formula of VigRX pills that can assist with natural penis enlargement programs such as penis extenders, or manual exercises. VigRX Plus helps to improve erection strength, libido and general sexual health.

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Benefits of VigRX Pills

If your libido needs kick starting, VigRx Plus pills can get you back in tip top shape. The herbal ingredients Epimedium and Catuaba Bark are well known libido enhancers and can give your sexual desire the boost it needs.

You will also benefit from better sexual sensitivity without premature ejaculation. That is possible because of VigRx Plus’ other ingredients like Hawthorn Berry and Muira Puama which will help bolster your sex stamina.

One other benefit not commonly known is the ability to permanently enlarge your penis size – in both erect and flaccid state – but you need to do some enlarging exercises as well. This is not always highlighted because it is an indirect benefit from using VigRx Plus pills . If you use the pills AND do the penis enlarging exercises that come with the pills, you will still be able to get a perminant bigger penis.

On top of all these benefits and results, VigRx Plus pills also come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the results after using the product for two months, simply return the packaging for a complete refund.

Summary of Benefits:

  • A longer and bigger erect penis size
  • Rock hard erections anytime you need them
  • Better sex stamina so that you can last longer in bed
  • Increased sensitivity for more pleasure
  • More intense orgasms
  • Higher libido or sex drive

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Bonuses included with VigRX Plus

You receive extra bonuses if you purchase the higher diamond package. These bonuses include:

  • Free “For Men Only” enlargement exercise CD
  • Free express shipping
  • Free Semenax volume enhancer
  • Free Nexus pheromones
  • Free crazy party girls video

Get more for your money…

VigRX is available in different quantities however you can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing the VigRX Diamond Package which will last you 1 year. You’ll get nearly a 50% saving!.

VigRX Plus Diamond

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VigRX Pills Review (4)

VigRX Pills Review by: Elliot July 23rd, 2013
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vig rx work ok but they are very over priced and you don’t get much guidance with any after care. my penis has grown a little (1/4 inch in 2 weeks) because i bought the penis exercises but i’m really not impressed. i’m running out of time and options so i’m hoping the enlargers i keep hearing about actually works. its going to be the last money i spent. i will keep everyone updated. Elliot.

VigRX Pills Review by: Toni June 7th, 2013
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Very happy customer. I bought Vig rx to help me last longer in bed and now I have benefited of having a thicker and longer penis whilst flacid and slightly bigger whilst I’m erect. I only went for the 3 month package at the time because I couldn’t afford anymore. It is quite expensive for such a short period so I would recommend to anyone else to go for the bigger packages to save a few bucks or buy a penis enlarger. Still very happy with results though!

VigRX Pills Review by: Leonardo May 1st, 2013
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very happy with the current results after 2 months. i have a harder and stronger erection. i’m using vigrx along with penis exercises. i’ve gained just short of 1 inch so i’m really happy. my girlfriend can’t believe that this is actually possible so she’s quite overwhelmed!

VigRX Pills Review by: jade November 11th, 2012
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unless your actually willing to buy the 6 month stuff then i would recommend you do not buy these pills. my boyfriend has been taking them for the past 3 months and he’s working out a lot to loose weight and do those penis exercises.

from my perspective the sex is much better and he is harder than ever but i dont like the fact he will have to keep buying these pills over and over. i reckon i can feel a good 1/2 inch of his penis in me more which is amazing. has any other girlfriends got comments on this?


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